Glenn Strouhal


Database Developer
with DBA, Application Development, & UNIX Admin Experience

Versatile and accomplished database and application developer in a wide variety of industry verticals and organizational sizes. Extensive front-end, middleware, and back-end development on UNIX/LINUX n-tier systems. A no BS approach with strong problem solving skills and dedication to fulfilling the immediate and long term goals of the organization.

Core Competencies

→ Oracle → SQL → Performance Tuning
→ Database Design → PL/SQL → Webmaster / Apache Web Server Admin
→ Linux / UNIX Admin → UNIX Shell Scripting → Perl


Health Grades,  Denver, CO   Aug 2014 - present
Database Developer

Primarily database development work in the healthcare space in an ETL capacity with source data from multiple systems including electronic medical records, call center, and list data. Steps include file analysis, data and code mapping, transforms, and loading to Oracle, validating, and documenting. Loads were performed using a combination of Python, SQL, internal tools, and occasionally PL/SQL. Ad hoc database updates of varying complexity using SQL or PL/SQL. Reverse engineering PL/SQL logic to convert procedures to Python. Also completed new client database setups by using scripts, debugging output, and manual DDL to fix failures in Oracle and Postgres environments. Completed HL7 training.

Tech: Linux, Oracle 10g, pgAdmin, SQL, SQL Developer, Wing IDE

ServiceSource,  Denver, CO   Jan 2014 - Aug 2014
Data Engineer II

Data Services Implementation specialist responsible for data transformations, validations, and reporting solutions within a complex multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) environment hosted on the Amazon Web Services Cloud. This is an evolving role within a newly formed implementation group addressing improving data quality and processes associated with the company's flagship SaaS product. ETL aspects of the position used Pentaho Data Integration, aka Kettle, for auditing of incoming raw data and Dell Boomi AtomSphere Integration Cloud for transformations and loading. The position included MySQL DBA work on a staging and validation database for incoming load files. Trained in MongoDB development and administration through Mongo University (M101JS & M102).

Tech: Amazon Linux, Boomi, JSON, MySQL 5.6, MySQL Workbench, Sequel Pro, Pentaho Data Integrator/Kettle, SQL, stored routines

Regis University, School of Computer Science & Information Science,  Denver, CO   Sep 2010 - Feb 2013
Project Lead, New Ventures
Technical Lead, Practicum DBAs
Graduate Student, Master of Science in Database Technologies Program

Project Lead for New Ventures database development effort with an external client. Provided direction and facilitation for an 8 person team of wildly varying experience. Leading contributor of the database design and modeling. Used Oracle APEX to create the overall application structure, shared page elements, website flow, dynamic help, and built report pages. Migrated and reformatted static webpages for the new Apache webserver and integrated with the APEX application.

Technical Lead for 12 Practicum DBAs in the Database Operations team supporting the academic network database environment. Responsible for the installation, deinstallation, configuration, and troubleshooting of Oracle 11g databases. Set up and managed instances with Oracle Enterprise Manager. Provided level 2 Linux and Oracle support to the level 1 DBAs and interfaced with the project manager and Regis faculty as necessary.

Graduate honor student in the Database Technologies program. Technical topics included development with Oracle Application Express (APEX), database design, data modeling, DBMS internals, thorough SQL3 usage, PL/SQL programming, database administration, data warehouses & marts, ETL, performance tuning, middleware, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and enterprise architecture (TOGAF, FEAF). Management concepts include database life cycle (DBLC), achieving organizational goals, project management, proposal writing, and scientific research methodology. 4.0 GPA.

Tech: APEX 4.1, Adobe Connect, Citrix XenApp, Linux (Fedora, Oracle Enterprise), Oracle Enterprise Edition 10g & 11g, Oracle XE, Oracle Enterprise Manager, PL/SQL, SQL, SQL Developer 2.1 & 3.0, SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.0, SQL*Plus

Axion Health (Edgelink consultant),  Denver, CO   Dec 2011 - Dec 2012
Database Admin

Development DBA in the healthcare space. Oracle 11g auditing and performance tuning. Built numerous scripts to check design flaws such as missing indexes or suspicious tables such as those with no foreign keys defined. Automatically generated SQL to make mass updates when widespread problems were discovered. Refactored a major database job and cut run time nearly in half. Tuned problem SQL. Evaluated and tested reporting database alternatives: Oracle heterogeneous services with PostgreSQL, ODBC link, Ora2Pg, EnterpriseDB xDB replication, and DBvist. Prototyped partitioning strategies for large tables to decrease access times.

Tech: CentOS Linux, MySQL 5.1, MySQL Admin, Oracle 10g & 11g, PostgreSQL 9, pgAdmin3, PL/SQL, SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL Developer

SquareTwo Financial (TEKsystems consultant),  Denver, CO   Apr 2008 - Jun 2011
Senior Product Support Developer

Application developer within the Production Services group supporting core business apps. Developed new Perl middleware to interface with external vendors using DBI and Oracle. Wrote and extended advanced SQL and PL/SQL code including packages and triggers. Extensive ad hoc reporting and troubleshooting. Created and monitored production OLTP ETL jobs. Frequent use of the Oracle Application Server 10g BPEL console to keep production operating smoothly. Received Agile training. SAS base platform administrator in a grid environment. PC installation and configuration of SAS tools and Enterprise Guide administration for user base. Received SAS Platform and Enterprise Guide training from SAS.

Tech: BPEL, CGI, Oracle 9i & 11g, Oracle AS 10g, Perl, PL/SQL, PL/SQL Developer, SAS base (9.2) and Enterprise Guide (4.2) administration, SQL, SOA, Toad, Subversion (SVN), light use of: HTML, Javascript, PHP

The Cleveland Clinic (Sapphire Technologies consultant),  Cleveland, Ohio   Apr 2006 - Jan 2007
Perl Programmer

Perl programmer primarily tasked with the design and implementation of conversion middleware to support a major software change. Multiple programs were written to efficiently clean and reformat millions of out of spec HL7 records - Perl based Transform & Load. Additional shell scripting or perl coding was necessary for reporting and data validation. Also wrote or modified a number of miscellaneous administrative utilities such as but not limited to an HL7 data anonymizer, alert paging & email notification system, log maintenance, and MySQL housekeeping tasks.

Tech: Perl, MySQL, Solaris, Windows XP

U Store It (Oxford & Associates consultant),  Beachwood, Ohio   Aug - Dec 2005
Lead Conversion Specialist

Lead conversion consultant responsible for data conversions in multiple US locations, training other consultants, documentation, some support, and best practices. Substantial travel within the US. Duties in the field included verification and reconciliation of data after an application conversion, network troubleshooting, and resolution of PC issues. Acted as a facilitator between remote office users, home office, and application providers. At the home office, duties included follow-up and support, training, and creating documentation.

Independent Consulting,   Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, & Ecuador   Mar 2003 - Feb 2005, Apr 2006
Webmaster / Consultant - Web designer for author and reporter, Ron Franscell. Setup hosting and email arrangement. Used a number of open source (OSS) tools and platforms for graphic editing, design, and hosting the development site.

Hostel Valhalla and Moggely Climbing - Webmaster responsible for all aspects of new hostel website as well as HTML and graphics updates to existing climbing site: All photography, graphic design, layout, search engine ranking strategies, and design for a company in Quito, Ecuador.

The Andes Range - Responsible for all aspects of new hostel website as well as HTML and graphics updates to existing wholesaling site. Arranging the migration of the wholesaling website to a new host and redesigned the layout after some serious hosting issues. All photography, graphic design, layout, search engine ranking strategies, and design.

Islazul Tours and Parque Italia Bed & Breakfast - Onsite consultant for an Ecuador based travel agency and bed & breakfast. Responsible for desktop Linux installation / maintenance and improving search engine ranking. Main task was to rebuild some sections of the site to improve the consistency of website presentation across browser, OS, and screen resolutions. Due to the sheer number of static pages, many Perl programs were used to bulk reformat webpages with server side includes and cleaner, standardized HTML. Also created a Perl program to mass produce redirect HTML pages for URL changed URLs. Project canceled before going live with changes.

Salad Shoppe - Web architecture consultant for a start-up. Responsible for all aspects of the company's future web presence from domain name registration to search engine optimization strategies. Prepared analysis of technologies and probable site designs. Used a number of open source (OSS) tools and platforms for graphic editing, prototyping/demos, and hosting.

Tech: CSS, DHTML, Gimp, HTML, Javascript, Perl, Server Side Includes, Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake), Mac OS X

Jones Knowledge (Maxim Group / Teksystems consultant),  Englewood, Colorado   Sep 2000 - Sep 2002
Lead Web Administrator

Responsible for compiling, installing, configuring, and tuning webservers, log analyzers, and associated software for multiple physical and virtual webservers.  Created various centralized monitoring facilities including external access through proxied secure connections to status and administrative pages.  Advanced Apache 1.3.x/2.0.x configurations using conditional URL rewriting, redirection, proxies, proxypassing, and OpenSSL for the presentation layer of our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.  Responsible for webserver security and secure server certificate acquisition and usage.  Performed web traffic analysis, profiling, and forensics.  Also implemented competitor website monitoring and assessment while blocking some monitoring of our own sites.  Maintained and extended a major, line-of-business PHP/MySQL web application prior to and while transitioning to a Java (J2EE) based version.  Involved in light UNIX system administration and UNIX host monitoring with Sitescope and Cricket. Built a small Lintel/Wintel-based bank of computers in computer room for monitoring system status. Set up live streaming capability for the in-house studio using Windows 2000, digital video and broadcast TV cameras. Included in UNIX sysadmin pager rotation.

Tech: Webserver administration (Apache, light Netscape Enterprise Server/iPlanet, Stronghold, light IIS), Cricket, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Sitescope, SQL, SQL*Plus, SSL, UNIX (Mandrake Linux, Redhat Linux, Solaris), Webalizer, Webtrends

Ford Motor Company (Acro Service Corp. consultant),  Dearborn, Michigan   Jun 1998 - Dec 1999
Technical Lead Web Developer

Lead Developer of enterprise scale, world-wide intranet applications platforms capitalizing on multimedia technology using Perl, Oracle, Solaris, Netscape Enterprise Server, and RealMedia.  Led all aspects of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Multiple client platforms and browser compliance.  Instrumental in rapid prototyping, database modeling and design, Perl module design, global style sheet creation, application infrastructure, and programming standards.  Webmaster experience during prototyping phase.  Advanced use of Perl 4 & 5 to deliver database driven web content.  Conducted developer code reviews with project leader.  

Tech: Apache webserver administration, CGI,, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle, Ora-Perl, Perl, Perl DBI, RCS, Server Side Includes (SSI), SQL, UNIX (HP UX, Caldera Linux, Solaris), Windows 95, Windows NT

Xerox Business Services (Berwick, Grantley and Ramm consultant),  Toledo, Ohio   May 1997 - Mar 1998
Database Administrator, Unix & Perl Programmer

Assisted in the development of mission critical SAP printing solutions across a worldwide heterogeneous network.  Extensive development of custom Perl code as a preprocessor for JetForm.  Database design & Oracle 7i database administration.  Significant DBA work installing, configuring, and troubleshootng Oracle. VB client programming for downstream verification and accounting purposes. 24x7 troubleshooting and support as necessary.

Tech: CGI, HTML, Oracle, Ora-Perl, Perl, RCS, SQL, UNIX (Solaris), Visual Basic 5.0, Windows 95, Windows NT Server

BGR Companies,  Toledo, Ohio   Apr 1997 - May 1997
Visual Basic Programmer

Developed an image display utility and a prototype application for travel agency record keeping.

Tech: Informix, Visual Basic 4.0 Professional, WFWG 3.11

Seaway Food Town Inc (EIS Group consultant),  Maumee, Ohio   Oct 1994 - Apr 1997
UNIX Programmer/Analyst

Developed solutions to business problems in electronic payments and merchandising functions in UNIX and mainframe environments.  Interfaced legacy applications to their UNIX counterparts.  Involved in projects from analysis through implementation.  Project leader experience.  Led UNIX development effort and tutored developers transitioning to NCR System V. Key in automating many manual tasks in the data center and upgrading the merchandising software package (Bass CIX).

Tech: C, COBOL, Informix, Perl, Quikjob, RCS, SQL, TCP/IP, UNIX (Red Hat Linux, NCR SVR4), UNIX shell scripts (bash, ksh, sh), WFWG 3.11, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation


Regis University  Denver, CO
Degree: MS, Major: Database Technologies 2012
Certificate: Database Administration with Oracle 2012
Certificate: Database Development 2012

SAS  Austin, TX
Training Certificate: SAS Platform Administration 2010

University of Toledo  Toledo, Ohio
Degree: BA, Major: Information Systems Operations Management 1994
Extra coursework completed in Computer Science and Finance.